Eviction in Berlin: Otto Wagner and his family had to leave the apartment on a cold November morning. After Ceylan Immobilien took over the tenement house, it was demented bit by bit. Old appointments are no longer valid and so the moving company from Axel Schmiedtchen ensures a quick, swept-clean handover. Recently the house was still a symbol of the famous "Berlin mix". Now Gülay Ceylan, the boss of the small family business, wants to renovate the house in a luxurious way so that it can later be converted into condominiums. But there is resistance. Four tenants in the house cling to their affordable apartments and want to keep them. And everyone has their reasons for it. The young Malovcic family has offspring, the old Mrs. Kirschner has lived in the house for almost 60 years, Jenny Nowack is a single parent, her children have her friends in the neighborhood and Peter de Boer hardly earns anything as a freelance journalist. With his rent rebels he fights in social networks against the injustice on the Berlin housing market. When the junior boss of the real estate company, Cem Ceylan, lies dead in front of the house, the Berlin homicide squad has a new case. Rubin and Karow are investigating the time of Covid-19 in the apartment building in Wedding. The two inspectors are confronted with the Berlin rent madness and the existential concern of people for their "third skin", the four walls in which they live and which are more than their home.

  • Film
Woodwater Films
Norbert Ter Hall
Director of Photography
Richard van Oosterhout
Florentijn Bos