Our skills

Digital Intermediate
Color Grading
Visual Effects
Motion Graphics

Our talented and diverse pool of both operational and creative talent combined with cutting edge technology make for exceptional and standout work that ignites the imagination.

We love telling great stories. Let’s put your ideas into motion.

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In making your vision reality, Flow is commited to using only high-end tools.

Baselight department

The backbone of our DI-departments consists out of several Baselight systems, coupled with DCI-rated Barco projection and calibrated 4K HDR display technology for video workflows.


Our custom VFX pipeline is very flexible and allows us to accomodate all possible requests.

Always connected

Our facility has an internal 100gbe/40gbe network and is connected to the outside world by a dedicated fiber line.

Jules Debrock Managing director & co-owner
Chris van Osselaer Senior producer & co-owner
Jolien Hermans DI & VFX Producer
Niels Christensen DI supervisor
Pieter-Jan Uvyn DI operator
Emilie Claeys DI operator
Bert Steyaert VFX supervisor
Jan Daghelinckx VFX supervisor
Florentijn Bos, NVX Freelance VFX supervisor
Laurent De Greef Senior Compositor
Stijn Eysermans CG generalist
Nico Kleinert CG Generalist
Nicholas Vlantis Compositor
Stan van Malder Compositor
Cedric Rosquin IT specialist
Kim Vercammen Chef de cuisine