This series takes place at a cutting-edge city hospital. The first season follows Ella (played by Kim van Kooten), a skilled obstetrician who leads a team of fellow medical professionals. Together, they must perform under immense pressure. The healthcare providers and their patients represent all walks of life and amidst their many triumphs and struggles, laughter and tears occur in equal measure. The thin line between one's personal life and one's professional life becomes increasingly blurred when working such long hours, making conflict unavoidable. But in the end, there is one thing that unites everyone on this parallel hospital-universe: the universal human experience of new life, fragile yet filled with hope and potential.

VFX, DI and finishing at Flow Postproduction.

  • TV
Lemming Film (NL) & FilmWave (UK)
Joram Lürsen & Kadir Ferati Balci
Director of Photography
Diego Dezuttere
Florian Keirse
Visual Effects Supervisor
Florentijn Bos